HYDEPLOY 2 Compound Build

HyDeploy is a demonstration project funded by OFGEM, Cadent Gas and Northern Gas Networks to establish the feasibility of supplementing Natural Gas supplies with hydrogen to reduce the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

To achieve this reduction, a consortium formed of Cadent Gas, Northern Gas Networks, the HSE Science and Research Centre, ITM power, progressive energy and keel university have worked together to study the feasibility of injection of up to 20% mol/mol hydrogen into the natural gas supply and into UK households within the north of England region.
Sonae (UK) were appointed Principal Contractor and were responsible for the EC&I, mechanical and civil works associated with the plant.

Works included the installation of new Hydrogen Buffer Tank, Grid Entry Unit (GEU), new Fire & Gas sxstem, LV distribution, new Telemetry system and GPRS communications, new site lighting and new pressure and tempertaure monitoring instrumentation.

Works were coordinated with other vendor work packages to ensure the delivery of the project to client specified timescales.