Sonae (UK) are delighted to announce the successful award of the National Grid DSEAR Framework.  After careful consideration, Sonae (UK) has been selected by National Grid as a DSEAR Framework partner to deliver the Hazardous Area inspections for DSEAR compliance and replacement of Non-compliant Electrical and Instrumentation equipment.

The DSEAR Framework will commence from 22nd August 2018 and will be let for an initial 3 year period with an option to extend for a further 2 years thereafter at increments to be agreed.

Various National Grid departments will utilise the Framework during the contract term including GTD Recovery Programme, Capital Delivery and GTD (New Installations), Operations and Network Engineering.

National Grid is an international electricity and gas company and are one of the largest investor-owned energy companies in the world.  The company played a vital role in delivering gas and electricity to millions of people across Great Britain and North Eastern United States in an efficient, reliable and safe manner.

The Gas Transmission network comprises 7,600km (4,760miles) of high-pressure pipeline, 24 compressor stations and above ground installations which allow the distribution of natural gas around the United Kingdom.

Sonae (UK) CEO, Paul Murphy announced ‘we welcome the opportunity of working with a ‘blue chip’ company such as National Grid under the DSEAR Framework as part of our continued and reliable growth’.